Your Family Run Trout Hatchery and Warm Water
Fish Supplier in Colorado...

Eric Koolstra

E & J Fish Farm - We are a family run owned and operated trout farm specializing in rainbow trout since 1999. The aquaculture facility is comprised of state of the art enclosed concrete raceways for optimal fish appearance and health. We specialize in trout and warm water species for stocking:

  • Rainbows, browns, brooks and trophy trout;
  • Walleye, perch and tiger muskies;
  • Wipers, large and smallmouth bass;
  • Catfish, bluegill, fathead minnows, crappie and grass carp.

We stock all sizes of trout from 10ins to 5lbs.


E&J Fish Farm Delivery Truck

We supply fish to:

  • Fishing clubs;
  • Homeowner Associations;
  • People wanting to stock private ponds, lakes and rivers;
  • Private Ranches;
  • Those with mountain cabins; and
  • Municipalities and golf courses.


We Specialize in Quality and Customer Service

QUALITY - We oversee and are responible for every step of the process - from egg to delivery. We hatch our own eggs, raise and truck our own fish. There are no middle men and we then pass on the savings to you, the customer. We are family run and owned. We are your one stop shop for all your live fish stocking needs (we have trout, bags of feed, other species, bait fish).

SERVICE - We follow all enquiries up as soon as possible and we deliver promptly. We always deliver the size and quality you expect (i.e. a 12” fish is not an 8-10” fish). Our fish are not overhandled. They are raised indoor in enclosed concrete raceways for optimal appearance and health (and have not been pecked by birds). Delivery is calculated by loaded mile and the first hour of unloading your order is free.

Now Taking Orders for 2015

We are currently taking orders for the 2015 season. Late winter/ early spring is the best time to get your orders in to ensure availability. Our Species Availability page lists the fish we have in stock. Please call for current pricing, specific availability and delivery schedule.

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